Peugeot · Sport 103 · Carbolite · 56cm-c/c

Sorry! Sistas & Bros!

Somebody was here faster, and rode home with this lovely vintage road bike!

They must be pretty happy with it, otherwise you would not be reading this.

If they returned it, (which nobody ever does), you would be reading something different.

But, you are reading this, so its gone.

Life can be unfair we know.

Thats why you must look



  • Peugeot 103 Carbolite “Sport”
  • 56cm c/c
  • Era: Early 80’s
  • An classic vintage road bike, with a classic 80’s racing geometry. Mid-weight, suitable for commuting in Berlin & surrounding area.


  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Metallic Green
  • Geometry: Classic 80’s racing
  • Weight: 80’s era frame
  • Fork: Peugeot


  • Rims: VB New
  • Hubs: VB New
  • Freewheel: Suntour 6-speed freewheel
  • Tires:  Michelin Classic


  • Calipers: Refurbished (Original) Weinmann
  • Levers: BLB 3-Finger
  • Brake-Pads: New


  • Gears: 12-speed Simplex
  • Rear Deralliur: Simplex
  • Front Deralliur: Simplex
  • Shift-Levers: Simplex shift-levers
  • Crank: Peugeot

Saddle, Stem, & Bars:

  • Saddle: GES Retro
  • Seat Post: New
  • Stem: Vintage refurbished
  • Bars: Vintage refurbished Drop-Bars
  • Grip-Tape: Deda Elementi


  • New brake cables
  • New brake cable housing
  • Bottom Bracket: New
  • Headset: New ball bearings
  • Pedals: New MTB
  • Chain: New Point Chrome


  • Frame is in excellent condition, no rust, dents, or simular. Paint & decals are for the age of the initial frame in excellent condition.